Not Just for Menopause

FemHerb has been developed to relieve  vaginal  dryness, odor, BV, hormone imbalance, tightening the walls of the uterus / vagina in all women.  Our blend of herbs also aids in digestion, energy, mental clarity and cramping / bloating common not only in menopause but in PMS.  Estrogen imbalance and depletion is one of the most common factors causing these troubeling symptoms.

Taking Control

Getting our Estrogen in balance is dealing with the root of the problem!  Fem Herb is a traditional blend of herbs that works in synergy to restore a natural balance by filling in the gaps with “Phyto-Estrogens”.  Our herbal blend is unique in that is not just a mix of popular herbs, (tribulus, black cohosh, dong quai, Macca) Fem Herb is a blend that has been working for women for hundreds of years!

Getting Rest

An estrogen depletion (Menopause) or a estrogen imbalance can affect the way we sleep, this is why most women experiencing menopause report sleep disturbance.  Fem Herb’s blend works by reducing anxiety and racing thoughts, it is also effective in calming the uterus giving you the sleep you deserve.  Fem Herb also greatly increases arousal, so if you want to be awake at night it is for the right reasons :).

Living Life

Fem Herb lets you get on with your day, without migraines, mental fog, and out of control hormone imbalance.  Turmeric (medical grade) reduces inflammation, aches and pains.  Black Cardamom not only takes away vaginal odor, but bad breath and general body odor.  Fenugreek acts as an anti-age, antibacterial, also reducing cholesterol naturally and even balancing sugars.



Living Herbs

Like foods, herbs have life-giving energy.  Most herbs are radiated, over-processed, extracted in alcohol and extracted 10-1 or even down to 2-1.  By the time they are put into capsules, put on shelves and delivered to you, they are mostly dead!  Fem Herb is a blend of only live herbs, extracted using a water process, standardized (maximum potency), just one smell inside the bottle will convince anyone of Fem Herbs life-giving potency.

Vegan Product

Fem Herb is Vegan!   Shockingly there are many ingredients in “health supplements” that have nothing to do with natural health.  Bone Meal hides in calcium supplements, Carotene is often found in Vitamin A, Vitamin D3 is derived from animals.  Most supplement capsules are made by boiling skin, bones and other unwanted tissues from cows and pigs.  You do not need to be a Vegan to be concerned of what is going into your “health product”.

Traditional Blend

Parameriae Cortex helps by promoting the contraction of the vaginal muscles and shrinks the uterus after childbirth. Parameriae Cortex is also beneficial for rapid fat loss, energy enhancement, tissue and wound repair, libido enhancement and vaginal dryness. Java Tea, also known as Guazumae Folium, is used as a herbal medicine to combat everything from urinary tract infections to asthma, and has been used for hundreds of years by the Japanese in its herbal tea form.   (SEE ALL THE HERBS ON THE LABEL)

I started Fem Herb because I could not live without the blend!  It changes everything!


RochelleFounder - Fem Herb

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Hi I’m Rochelle.  Please take a few minutes to read my story 🙂


My journey

I starting using the “Fem Herb” blend before it was Fem Herb.  Actually the timing was perfect because until recently I have never experienced any dryness or odor issues.  We (my husband, I and our 2 children) were living in Indonesia working at an orphanage, I was offered a traditional “Jamu” blend of herbs that the Madurese people have been using for 400 years.  The blend was supposed to cure every female issue and be the only thing a women ever needed in one!  Wow!  I thought that was a ridiculous claim and I chalked it up to their superstitious charm.  How can a single product cure dryness, odor, tighten the vagina, relieve PMS, shorten your period, increase your breast size, increase libido relieve all of the symptoms of menopause, make you look younger, and the list goes on…..

I started taking it and truth be told it was husband that made mention of things first, he noticed many of the above listed things 2 days after I took my first “Jamu”.  He couldn’t believe what was going on with my body, honestly neither could I.  I brought many packages home with me and started to give it to my friends.  One of my good friends struggled with chronic dryness her whole life, days after taking the blend “Jamu” she was CURED!!!

After years of using the product and supplying my friends, I decided to develop my own brand.  I thought, I need to call this thing Fem Herb as it really is just a blend of herbs for all women.

Jamu Culture


Tracking down the herbs and sourcing them was no easy task.  The herbal community in Indonesia takes things very serous in regards to Jamu (herbal medicine) because they look to herbs to cure their illness, not a doctor.  What the supplement companies do in North America regarding standards and added fillers could get them killed in certain village areas.  I discovered that to get the same blend I would have to pass multiple certifications, first the “BADAN POM – food and drug control” this is like the FDA in America, only with herbs, and those herbs are not tested only for safety, they have to be proven to work!  Secondly, they have a certificate for GMP (good manufacturing practices) specifically for herbal and traditional medicines.  Thirdly they have to be certified Halal, also certified Kosher.  

Living Herbs


I have learned so much about what goes into a supplement over the last 5 years.  Most herbal products go through a process of alcohol extraction, followed by radiation and finally have up to 85% fillers added to them.  The scary part is that there is no control or laws against most of this in North America.  If you could see where a herb starts up to the point that you take it as a capsule, you probably would never buy a herbal supplement again.

The difference with our herbs are that they actually have a very live-giving potent smell, you will notice the moment you open the bottle!  Color is another evidence that a herb is treated naturally.  Our Turmeric is bright orange because we use a water extraction process.  Our herbs are extracted to the point where they have maximum potency!  This is called standardization, next time you are in a “Health Store” grab a bottle of any female support product and chances are you will see things like: 10:1 or 5:1 or even 2:1 extraction.  This just simply means that it takes  5 parts to get down to 1 part, the finished extraction.  With our herbs in some cases it is as much as 180:1 to get down to maximum potency.  

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